Good News
Masculinity - Dr. Stuart Scott - This is the best discourse I have heard on this subject. I hope to have
the audio link to this presentation soon. I highly recommend that adolescent boys and girls listen to this
presentation. Boys (and men) will learn what Biblical masculinity should look like. Girls (and women)
will learn what to look for in a truly masculine man. Click here for audio of this presentation.

Strength in an ongoing painful trial (click for audio) by Stuart Scott is an excellent discussion of how God uses
painful trials to refine us. We should embrace these events realizing that we will be most effective for God's
glory as a result of these trials.

Why Should God Answer Your Prayers? - Dr. Don Whitney: This is an excellent explanation of why
God should answer our prayers. The general reason is the CROSS.

Family Worship (click for audio) by Don Whitney. This is an excellent discussion of why we should conduct
daily family worship. Don has written book on the subject and is available at Center for Biblical Spirituality
web site.

Discipline yourself for the purpose of Godliness - by Don Whitney.

Want Good News - This a a web site by my friend Clay Smith which outlines the Gospel.

How to handle false teachers - An excellent exposition by Jonathan Sims of the latter half of Romans 16.

The Gospel of Forgiveness - A wonderful exposition of Mark 2:1-22 (Dr. Steven Lawson)

Byron Yawn Sermons - Byron is the pastor at Community Bible Church where I attend. He is an
excellent Bible expositor. Please listen to his messages.

Philip De Courcy spoke at the Community Bible Church Men's Retreat in 2006. Topics included Biblical friendship and
Biblical decision making. He is the pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Toledo, OH. His discussions
can be found by clicking on his name.

Biblical Joy by John Piper

How To Lead Someone To Christ

Hope Project