John J. Usera
Mr. Usera, as I knew him as my High School Chemistry and Physics teacher (now Dr. Usera) was a man with limitless energy. I believe he is of Portugese descent and Roman Catholic by faith. While teaching 7-plus hours of high school a day, he was working on 2 masters degrees and teaching several college chemistry courses while still being a husband and father to 3 girls. He typically assumed that everyone he had contact with had this same degree of energy and motivation.

Mr. Usera had high expectations of his students. He always wanted to know what book you were reading, or what project you were currently working on or how you were coming on your long and short term goals. No accomplishment could impress Mr. Usera. If I were to see him today and showed him the books I have written, he would simply ask what is your next book about. My contact with him outside the classroom was minimal, but his message of hard work to gain knowledge and understanding, pushing yourself to excellence was the impact Mr. Usera had on me. I am thankful to him for his example, his teaching, and his high expectations.