Ken Wooten
Ken Wooten is currently the director of the Cadence International's Hospitality House in Fort Hood, Texas. Ken's ministry with Cadence involves mentoring and discipling soldiers, as well opening his home to serve as an "Oasis" from military life in the barracks.

I first met Ken when he was pastor of Killeen Bible Church. Killeen, Texas is the military town next to Fort Hood. Fort Hood was my first military assignment after completing medical school. I wasn't until several years after I left Fort Hood that Ken became full time staff with Cadence.

Ken was a major influence in my life as he carried on the discipling that my medical school classmate Royal Dean started. I began to realize that major spiritual growth and understanding of God's Word occurs when men meet to pray and discuss God's Word. Discussing God's truths causes us to think hard about what and why we believe. Ardent searching for wisdom and understanding is rewarded by a deeper relationship with our Creator.

Ken and I met weekly at Denny's for breakfast for the last year and a half of my 3 year residency at Fort Hood. Although I don't recall specific topics of conversation, I do recall the importance of having an accountability partner in the Christian life. I greatly appreciate the impact Ken has had (and continues to have) on my life and for those he currently ministers to. He is a truly a blessing to me and everyone who crosses his path.

A description of Ken and Judi Wooten's ministry can be viewed by clicking here. Their web site is at Hospitality House, Fort Hood, Texas