Paul J. Decker

Paul J. Decker is the maternal grandfather of my wife, Venette F. (Hofer) Stack. "Grandpa" as we called him, was a farmer near Freeman, South Dakota. He was born, raised, and died in South Dakota. He was a hard-working man, doing chores on his farm until his early 80's. I did not know him well, but knew he was a man of prayer, principle and few words. Never did I hear him speak a harsh word about anyone or did he complain about anything.

At his funeral, many church members and friends gathered to tell stories of the impact he had on each of their lives. It was good for my children to hear the testimonies of goodness and kindness exhibited by their greatgrandfather. I trust and pray this character will be passed down to many of his future generations.

The biggest impact "Grandpa" had on me probably occurred well before I met him. As I stated, Grandpa was a man of prayer, and knowing him, he prayed for the future husbands and wives of his four grandchildren. I imagine he prayed for me long before I became a Christian or even met his Granddaughter. Once we were married, I know he prayed daily for us as a couple that we would develop God-like character.