Emily's Travels

Hi, I'm Emily Stack. My family and I are traveling to the Philippines March 13 - March 22, 2002 to visit relatives. Please follow along with me as I keep up my journal of the things  we do on the trip. We will be staying in Manila on the island of Luzon during our stay. I will add photographs and information as the adventure develops. Click on the date below to see what we're doing. If you have any questions or comments on my Emily's Travels, please e-mail me at mail@lbstack.com
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          Philippine Facts

Capital- Manila (Population 10 million)
Language- Tagalog and English
Area: 116,610 square miles
Chief Products- Electronic and electrical products, clothing
Religion: 82% Catholic, 9% Protestant, 5% Muslim, 3% Buddist

Map from LonelyPlanet.com

Emily's Favorite Web Sites
(site of my Great-Grandmother, Elsie Decker)
Emily's Tips for Packing for the Philippines