Emily's Travels - March 13

  I am

 saying goodbye to my hamster "Snow" the morning we leave for the Philippines.

Here I am with my carry-on suitcase as we are getting ready to board our neighbor's expedition on the way to the airport. My carry-on contains water, my journal notebook, pencil, crayons, stuffed animals, pillow, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a game book. There is also a calculator.
Grandma and I are at Nashville Airport (BNA) with only half of our bags! We brought soooo much stuff!
Our first stop was in Detroit, "The Motor City." Behind me is my airplane we will take to Nagoya, Japan. It is a Boeing B-747/400.

Boeing B-747/400 Facts:
Weight: 873,000 pounds
Airspeed: 550 MPH
Wing span: 213 feet
Length: 213 feet 10 inches
Tail height: 62 feet, 7 inches
Fuel: 57:160 gallons
Range: 8,395 miles
Pilots: 2
Attendants: 9
Passengers: 404
It took 12 hours to fly from the Motor City to Nagoya, Japan. We are waiting for the last flight to Manila.
The Boeing B747/400 seats 10 people across. We sat in the middle seats and watched 3 movies. We slept some too.
Grandma and Grandpa sat next to us on the plane. We are going to visit our relatives on Grandma's side of the family. Grandpa needs a stocking cap to keep his head warm. Yes, that is a big stocking cap.
This is Great Uncle Eddie who is Grandma's younger and only brother.
Great Aunt Irene, Great Uncle Eddie's wife was a missionary to Bolivia in 1965. She taught elementary school and learned Spanish while she was there. 
We finally made it! We went to bed at 2AM Friday Manila time which was 12 PM Thursday Nashville time. We're tired. It took 24 hours total to get to Manila.