Emily's Travels - March 15

This is me with my Great Aunt Dolly (Delores) who is my Grandma Stack's younger Sister. She has three sons, Ron, Neil, and Rodney. She likes cool hats like this blue one. Great Aunt Dolly and Rodney have arranged a trip to a coconut plantation today. 
My 2nd Cousin Rodney makes backpacks. He has arranged the trip today.
I was ready to go!
Grandpa, Great Aunt Dolly and Grandma Stack made up the senior citizen section of the van.
The first stop of the coconut plantation tour was the museum of the plantation owners. It had soooo much stuff, from all over the world. They liked stuff.
The home of the Arsenio Escudero family on the Villa Escudero Coconut Plantation. How would you like to have a volcano in your back yard? Can you find me (Emily) in the picture?

The name of the volcano in the background is Mt. San Cristobal.
Laura, Andy and I are in front of a real Japanese Zero used during World War II. This photograph was taken for Mr. Sanders.
We rode carts pulled by carabao or water buffalo.
We also got to drink fresh coconut juice -- right off the tree. The juice is a clear liquid.
I am grating the coconut out of its shell to make coconut milk.
This is what the shell looks like after I have grated most of the meat from the shell.
The juices is mixed the the grated coconut and kneaded together. The mush is then grated through the fiberous portion of husk making the pure milk as seen here at the left. 
We ate more authentic Filippino food. Not sure what is was -- but it was good.

We used banana leaves for plates. That way we didn't have to wash dishes!
Have you ever had fried banana on a stick?

The dining "hall" was located below a waterfall, right in the middle of the river!
The waterfall behind us was runoff from the hydroelectric plant that provided the plantation electricity
This is the river down stream from the Dining Hall. I slipped and fell into the water, but it felt good.
A Filippino folk dance told about culture in the Philippines.
Me, Great Anut Dolly, and Laura took our picture with the dancers.
Raft rides on the river!
I'm very tired. I was starting to fall asleep even while rafting.
Rosalie is my new friend.
Rodney and Great Aunt Dolly treated us to such a great day we were so tired that all we could do was sleep the 3 hour drive back to Makati City.