Emily's Travels - March 16

This day was for a family reunion that started at 10AM and went till 5PM. We played games and many other fun things. 

Patricia is my second cousin. She is 4.

Cousin Dennis didn't have to go to The Spa today because he played with us all day.
Rodney's girlfriend who is a dentist came over to take care of Grandpa's teeth. Rodney is used to going caving in dangerous places.
Rodney, his girlfriend, and good friend John. They all met as a common interest of backpacking and high adeventure.
Cousins Monet and Michelle.
Uncle Jay and cousin Hazel.
Great Uncle Eddie's Family. Bernard, Michelle, Patricia, Eddie, Irene, Monet, Dennis.
Cousin Vickie, Great Uncle Rolle, and Great Aunt Gloria.
Ron, Rose, and Pebbles
Mom, Dad, Laura, Ron, Pebbles, Monet, Bernard, and Michelle went to Antepalo City to look at the Manila city night lights. They ate at "Gorillas."

We finished the day by playing tennis at the Oakwood Premier Hotel. The surface is synthetic grass. It plays fast and is somewhat inconsistent. It is sure fun though.

What do you think of my forehand preparation?