Emily's Travels - March 17

Today is my Great Aunt Dolly's 70th Birthday. To celebrate, we went to their house in Quezon City and were joined by Great Uncle Eddie, Great Aunt Irene, Cousin Dennis, and Mary Lou. We had lunch and then a tour of the University of Philippines where Grandma Stack went to college.

Great Aunt Dolly has many fruit trees in their yard and includes bananas, mangos, and papayas.
Cousin Rodney makes backpacks as I have said in previous comments. We snuck into his shop and looked at some of his great craftsmanship. I'm sitting behind one of his two sewing machines that he uses to make his packs. He is making a pack for Andy. The brand of his backpack is called "ROCK."
Mom drinks a glass of water while Aunt Dolly cooks us food.
Grandma looks on as Great Aunt Dolly continues to cook a great meal.
I'm standing with Great Aunt Dolly and Great Uncle Ramon.
A neighbor comes over to climb 40 feet in the air to pick mangos.

Andy watches from below and collects the fallen mangos. They will be ripe to eat in 4-5 days. Andy is pretty ripe in just 1-2 days.
Great Grandpa and Great Grandma taking a break.
Rodney is going to make a back pack for Andy.
Here is an example of Rodney's made to order, full-sized, backpacks.
Andy is in front of Great Uncle Ramon's banana trees.
Opening present on Aunt Dolly's 70th birthday.
Everyone surrounding Great Aunt Dolly as she opens her presents.
More useful presents from Great Grandma Stack as Great Aunt Irene looks on.
Laura and I went swimming after our tour of the The University of the Philippines.

Have a good Day! 
Will write more tomorrow!