Emily's Travels - March 18

Rodney, John, and Great Aunt Dolly took us touring Manila today. Rodney had to take Grandpa to Rolyn's Dental office today to have some tooth work done. We went to the Presidential Palace, University of Santo Thomas, The Metropolitan Art Museum, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Fort Santiago.

Rodney, Nip, and I are heading to Rolyn's office right now!
I'm in front of one of the buildings part of the Presidential Palace complex. Certain parts were closed--Ask me why when I get back to Tennessee!
The whole group is in front of the Presidential Palace. Hey, What's that lady with the umbrella doing in our picture?
We're in the museum at the University of Santo Thomas. Here I am seen with Andy (Ha!). Great Grandma Stack and Aunt Dolly went to school here over nearly 50 years ago.
Kelsae, one of my friends, has a dad who calls me Emu. Mr. Big, which one is me?
Grandma and Aunt Dolly (nice hat) on the stairs at UST.
Rolyn, Rodney's girlfriend is a dentist in Metro Manila. She has a really cool office.
Rodney, Rolyn, Aunt Dolly (nice hat).
Dad has to have at least one picture of an ambulance on my web page.
The next stop was the Metropolitan Art Museum. We couldn't take any photographs of the stuff but the security guard let dad take a picture of me signing into the area where the gold is kept.
Outside of Metropolitan Art Museum was the wall from Fort San Antonio (where I was born). 
Fort Santiago was built to protect the Spanish when the ruled in the Philippines. It is on an edge of the walled off city of Intramuros.
Here's the gate entering into Fort Santioago. Can you see me?
What's the matter with this picture?
This is the barracks where American Soldiers stayed.
Part of the Fort had a dungeon where prisoners were held.
Behind me is the Pasig River, which is at the north end of Fort Santiago which is at the north end of the Intramuros.
Boats on the Pasig River.
Me and Aunt Dolly.

Have a good day.
I love this hat!