Emily's Travels - March 19

We're going to the beach! Today, Great Aunt Dolly took us to Calbayne Bay Resort on the Cavite Harbor. This is on the southern part of the Manila Bay.

Be hind me is the Manila Bay which drains into the South China Sea.
The resort is nice and has 2 pools, a nice beach, mini-golf, tennis and basketball courts, aqua-marine equipment rental and other neat stuff.

It was a windy day. Behind me one of the 2 pools and grounds of the resort.
I'm tired. Need rest. Need sun.
Now it's time to go snorkeling!
Andy likes the pool.
The resteraunt (behind me) is on the beach and was quite good.
The water was full of jellyfish and many of them washed up on the beach as seen here.
They are clear with some sort of purple stuff in the middle. They seem to have small legs on the underside.
What is this?
This overlooks the bay
Laura and I collected a bunch of shells.
I took this photograph of Great Aunt Dolly. What do you think of my technique?
Overlooking the bay.
Grandpa is demonstrating new uses of his neck brace. Can you guess why he has it on his head?
Looking into the harbor from on the hill.
Looking at the resort from the hill. Do you like the hat?

Hope you have a good day!