Emily's Travels - March 20

Today we are shopping, packing to go home and celebrating as Aunt Monet passed her bar examination and is now a lawyer--the first lawyer in the family.

How do you like this hat? I like the blue one better.
Romie drove us around the area all week. He did a great job. He is very nice.
Dress from the Filipino northern Luzon tribes.
Dress from the northern Luzon area.
Dress from the Lowland areas.
Andy slept in the closet all week. His job was to guard the valuables in the safe. He did take a shower--once.
Glen and his son Jonah came to visit. Uncle Glen and Dad went to play tennis.
This tricycle helps people get around Manila.
The tower on the left is where we stayed. This is the Oakwood Premier Hotel. It is very nice.
Andy did situps every day.

Andy did push-ups every day.
We played lots of tennis. They had 2 courts at the hotel. They had very helpful staff on the courts. This is Andrew along with Laura and Andy.
Laura, me and Monet (now a lawyer) after a dinner celebrating her passing the bar examination.
Cousin Patricia and me!
Uncle Dennis is a funguy.
Siblings. Great Aunt Dolly, Grandma, Great Uncle Eddie.
Jollibee is like McDonalds in the United States.
We are packing to come home!!
What a great spring break!!

Have a good day!