Grimes High Adventure

Andy Stack - Resource Utilization Award
Zachary Sanders - Head Injury Award
Blake Faimon - Pyromaniac Award
Will Fitts - Bowman/Bounty Award
Larry Mitchell - Centry 21 Award
Chris Carpenter - Leadfoot Award - Best Camper Award
David Poteet - Most Improved Award
Brian Poteet - Incredible Award
Brad Biggerstaff - 4 x 4 Award

Lessons Learned:
1. Racoons like dry macaroni
2. Chris is a leadfoot
3. Canoeing is harder than it looks
4. Kayaking is fun
5. Andy is more resourceful than we thought (flipflops)
6. How to meet new people
7. How to make less of a mess and clean it up
8. How to learn from my mistakes
9. A wolf sounding creature out side your tent may be a racoon
10. How to sit in a canoe, on the Buffalo River, in pouring rain, and think "Isn't life great?"
11. I learned the J-stroke
12. I learned how to make good cobbler
13. I learned how to skip rocks
14. I learned how to canoe
15. I learned First Aid for canoeing
16. The J-stroke and back stroke
17. How to respond when your canoe flips
18. Good communication with your partner is important
19. Paddling down river is easier than paddling on a lake