Major Influence People

The character of a person is a combination of God given personality traits, family training, and  experiences one encounters during life. God gives each of us people at different stages of our life (family in the early years, teachers in high school and college, etc.) that influence how we think, act, and approach life. I have been blessed by God for providing excellent teachers and friends who have changed my life--forever. Sometimes God uses our adversaries to shape our lives. We must thank God for them and pray for them also. A list of my "major influence people" is listed below. This is a work in evolution.

Jesus Christ Philip L. Stack John J. Usera
Dennis Duffek Larry Reining Lowell R. Nelson
James Stoebner Jan Bertholff Evan M. Renz
Alan Morgan Jerris Hedges Corey Slovis
Ken Wooten Keith Wrenn Seth Wright
Greg Glenn Royal Dean Peter Van Lingen
Guy Haskins John Grove Harold Widvey
John Huth Robert Emmitt John Boldt
Philip E. Stack Fe C. Stack Greg Stack
Milton C. Olson Paul Manson Michael D. Unruh
Jim Pfaff Roger Matkin Dan R. Patton
Linda Belfus Phred Peterson Michael A. Morris
Alan B. Storrow Chuck Mealy Brent Koenig
Mace Linde Policemen in Libreville Allen Kaiser
John Leonard Ming Wang Dick Dickson
Barney Graham David Gregory Bill Stone
Paul J. Decker David Ross Donald Godfrey
Don Yealy Tom Stein Byron Yawn
Doug Searle Steve Weaver